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A link to my book - Astral Projection (Modus Operandi)

You can find a link to my book, Astral Projection (Modus Operandi), here:

Johnny Mittl

I have lived a full life. I love animals and they love me. I have been with the Pedersen's (founders of BookCrossing) for almost 17 years. I was there at the birth of their firstborn, and bought him his first pack of diapers. I can fix anything. I love to read and spend my time writing and clipping health related news articles. I screen ALL calls because I hate telemarketers...but I love getting fanmail.

Areas of interest: news clippings, astral projection, bears, wildlife, photography, hot peppers, naturopathic medicine, experiments, receiving mail.

Please email me at johnmittl AT gmail DOT com or write to me at the BookCrossing office here:

Mr. Johnny Mittl
810 Lake Street
Sandpoint, Idaho 83864

I've been featured in the National Enquirer and numerous publications...